Gamer Soliloquy

The Power of Collective Wisdom


BraidDespite the influence of experts such as IGN and Metacritic, consumers have the ability to determine whether or not a game will be successful. Yes, we have the power!

We’ve all visited a video game review site in our life. However, despite the knowledge and wisdom of these ‘experts,’ the collective opinion of gamers is far more superior. Take for example the first Prince of Persia to ever release on the PS3. Fans were thrilled (including myself). When it came down to the actual game play, however, many were disappointed.Within a couple of months, the game was at a heavily reduced price and I was depressed.

By analyzing gamer opinions, experts are able to improve on their predictions for further games. Not only does this help the expert, but it also helps the industry as a whole in the production of successful games.

Indie games present another example of consumer power. Indie games like Braid have become incredibly popular in the industry. This has caused many experts such as Metacritic and IGN to think beyond the bigger gaming companies and franchises. Now, many indie games are generously reviewed by experts.

On the other hand, popular game series such as Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed are very popular despite having complaints of redundancy and frequency in their game series. Go figure. These mainstream games are bound to do well regardless of consumer backlash. Why? Well, with big marketing budgets, familiarity, and online gameplay, gamers are inclined to stick with mainstream video games.

What is your opinion on Indie games and big-budget games? Do you prefer one from the other?

– Jennie Bharaj

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