Gamer Soliloquy

Don’t Judge a Game Series

Far Cry Vengeance

I remember playing my first Far Cry game. It was many summers ago when responsibility was near non-existent and time was plentiful. This was probably why I picked this game up without reading any reviews. It was time for a first-person-shooter, I thought.

Big mistake.

What was going to be an awesome experience of tropical wonder and adrenaline-induced adventure became the most horrific game I have ever played. It was madness. I vowed to never play another Far Cry game ever again.

Flash forward to 2012. Far Cry 3 just released and I ignored its launch. I was finding myself snickering at its gameplay and its trailer. I called it Call of Duty at a Honeymoon Resort. And now there were psychedelic drugs involved in the gameplay? Typical. I looked the other way and played other games instead.

It was last summer when all that changed. My friend started playing Far Cry 3 on PC and in order to synchronize our gaming that summer, I bought the game to play too. I was skeptical of this game, but hey, friendship bonding was worth it, right? Plus, I heard Michael Mando did a fantastic job as Vaas.

And it worked out for the best. Far Cry 3 was actually a wonderful game. I’m glad I gave it a chance. I highly recommend it. In fact, playing this game really made me re-assess game series in general. I’ve deliberately boycotted many game series after only playing one of its games. PS3’s Prince of Persia and Call of Duty come to mind. Never will I judge a series based on only one of its games. I’ve learned that it will close your doors to amazing gaming experiences.

– Jennie Bharaj

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