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A Moment of PS4’s Hohokum


The other day, I found myself sitting on the porch and enjoying the sun. It was very calming; I could hear the birds and the wind passing through the trees. Bliss, I thought. In a city where sunny days were scarce, this heat was godsend.

I decided to bring my speakers out onto the porch (as is tradition) and put on some chill music. This was pretty unique of me, because this genre of music was something I had never listened to before. Usually, my musical preference is derived from the video games I play. Even right now, my music playlist on my phone is filled with Uncharted, Portal, and Legend of Zelda (with the exception of Justin Timberlake’s latest album). However, I’ve recently fallen into a desire for meditation and yoga, so I wanted to listen to relaxing music to further transition my mindset.

I heard about Tycho, an American musician, through I loved his music because it reminded me of the upcoming PS4’s Hohokum – a game I was instantly infatuated by at E3 last year. I think if you asked any of my close friends and relatives about my love for Hohokum, they’d probably roll their eyes and cringe a little bit. I’m weirdly obsessed with that game, but when Hohokum releases, it is going to be the absolute best.

Anyway, there I was, enjoying life and listening to some Tycho beats. It was nice. I started reading my BCBusiness magazine to kill time.

Until, of course, I heard it…

Within the first few beats, my heart instantly fluttered with happiness. It was the actual Hohokum theme song playing through my speakers! Imagine my content when I dropped my magazine onto my lap and stared wide-eyed into nothingness. “Yeah, right?!” I yelled. “Oh my god!”

I started grinning and laughing. I was so happy and excited! I mean, of course Tycho created the Hohokum theme song. I should have known beforehand. But finding out by such an arbitrary coincidence was really surprising. I was so happy. Nothing could have made me feel any different.

And when the song ended, my cousin called and I told her about what happened – how I listened to Tycho based on his likeness to Hohokum, how he actually was the creator of the Hohokum theme song, and how happy I was. She responded with, “… weird” and proceeded to ask me about that lipstick I had on the other day.

Ah, still such an awesome moment.

– Jennie Bharaj

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