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The Perfect Game Level

Spirit Temple

Every gamer dreams of The Perfect Level: a level in a game that has you replaying the same scenario over and over again. It is challenging, fun, and engrosses the gamer to extreme emotional depths.

I remember 16 years ago (yikes!) when I would play the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time constantly. I could play the entire game in two days, all while going to school, making room for Saturday morning cartoons, and doing household chores. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this precious game, but it’s definitely more than a couple. I lived and breathed this game.

Eventually, I created three saved games in Ocarina of Time. Each game was saved in different levels. The first saved game was right before defeating Ganondorf, the second was right before the Twinrova boss fight, and the third was saved in the Spirit Temple. These were my top three levels in Zelda’s Ocarina of Time. My Perfect Levels. I would play these levels all the time. I was never bored.

In my humble opinion, The Perfect Level is dramatically dependant on fluidity. This could mean different things. Fluidity can speak in terms of the progress a gamer makes in a game level. In The Perfect Level, the gamer would understand their progression. Therefore, they would be more likely to enjoy playing it. Progression can be presented in a game level through a storyline, the gameplay, or the character development.

The Perfect Level would also have hidden collectibles throughout the level to motivate a gamer to replay it. In the present, so many video games place hidden treasures throughout their game levels but lack a proper reward system once a gamer finds these collectibles. Sure, a trophy or an achievement is displayed next to your name once these collectibles are found, but this feature is an equivalent to bragging rights, which isn’t that substantial. The Perfect Level would inspire the gamer to earn collectibles in the game level to earn in-game rewards for their work. For example, adding extra cutscenes, better weapons, or a bonus level could serve as a sufficient reward in The Perfect Level game level.

The Perfect Level would also present a form of invincibility in the video game ‘character.’ When a gamer’s ‘character’ shows extraordinary strength, courage, or versatility during gameplay, the level becomes much more rewarding than the average level. In Heavenly Sword and God of War, for example, the protagonists display an extreme amount of strength while defeating multiple enemies at a time. This invincibility in a level adds an enjoyment for the gamer.

Moreover, The Perfect Level would be dependent on ambience. For example, the Wedding Reception level in Little Big Planet introduced a quirky, catchy song, Volver A Comenzar by Café Tacvba, which created a really fun vibe. This, ultimately, made the game fun! Check out the song for yourselves (try to imagine a bunch of sack babies running around cute little obstacles):

These are only some of the features of The Perfect Level. What is The Perfect Level like for you?

– Jennie Bharaj

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