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How to Not Be A Nerd


This year, I am making the effort to hide my inner nerd. I am serious. The social world, the media, and the youth are so inclined to be ‘geeky’ or ‘nerdy’ as if it’s some royal vice that everyone needs to be a part of. Now, with geek culture as a world-wide fad, retro game paraphernalia, cutesy anime cartoons, and even console wars have become discussions between any and every one. No longer are video games and other ‘nerdy’ things an unpopular medium.

I’ve always been different in my social circles due to my ‘nerdy’ hobbies. I used to read furiously when I was younger. Novel after novel. Now add anime, gaming and Tolkien in the mix and you created a younger me.

One time when I was 12, my family and I went on a trip to Europe. During the entire three weeks, my face was buried in my Everworld books (I brought three of them with me). Instead of visiting the Big Ben or meeting relatives, I was too busy dreaming of sci-fi wars and mythical creatures. I am not very proud of this.

In high school, I evolved into a less-nerdy character. I learned about lip gloss, Shahid Kapoor, pretty dresses and the like. I really thought I had it all together.

Until of course, last week.

I attended a meditation event last month (which was absolutely wonderful, by the way!). They were filming for testimonials afterwards so of course I added my positive review when I was asked. It was a great experience. When I watched the video last week though, I was horrified.

Like, really horrified.

My physical ‘nerdiness’ is so strong in a natural environment; it hurts for me to watch. The way I interact with people, the way I laugh, the way I constantly push my glasses up my nose using my index finger. Oh man. I am cringing horribly just by writing this down. No wonder my brother calls me a nerd all the time. You know? This is almost like therapy for me right now.

I’ll definitely keep my nerdy hobbies with me forever, but I can at least fix myself up for the professional world. I need to. I have ambition and drive, I can’t let my awkwardness get in the way. That is why, my dear friends, I have come up with a list to subjugate my physical nerdiness…



1. Wear Contacts
For the love of all that is holy, wear them!

2. Don’t Snort or Laugh Weirdly
OMG, please.

3. Wear In-Vogue Outfits
You will look amazing, trust me.

4. Do ‘Non-Gaming Things’ With People
Shopping, or going to the beach or something.

5. Get A Tan
You are so pale, omg.

6. Go Outside.
Frolic around the gardens.

7. Don’t Always Talk About Gaming
Talk about the weather?

8. Learn How To Wear Heels
Don’t be stupid. Learn this.

9. Start Listening To Rap Music
Apparently Drake doesn’t count.

10. Be Awesome Like Claire Underwood
From House of Cards.


 Hopefully, by the end of this year, I will be able to successfully follow through with this list. I will keep you all updated.

– Jennie Bharaj




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