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Console Wars, The PC Master Race and More

Consoles as Friends

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For the longest time, a sub-group of PC gamers, labelled “The PC Master Race,” has skewed the presence of PC gamers as a pretentious and notorious gaming niche.

“The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race is a facetiouPC Master Race Gifs label used to attribute superiority to those who prefer to play video games on a personal computer (PC). Conversely, those who prefer to play games on a console are sarcastically referred to as ‘dirty console peasants.’” (RandomMan, 2013)


“The PC Master Race,” is a radical group that is unfortunately representing all PC gamers. When a gamer adapts to a specific typing of gaming system, they are inclined to feel strongly about it. However, more often than not, gamers are open to other types of gaming systems as well.

Console Wars

I admit, when the PS3 and the Xbox 360 released, I was mocking and judgemental towards non-PS3 gamers. This was mostly due to social influences, when ‘console wars’ erupted as a new-found fad among gamers in the media. This negative stigma in the gaming community is slowly ending now though. When the new PS4 and Xbox One released, friendly conversations between Microsoft and Sony executives were made public:

It became evident that console wars would soon be ending. Even now, comparing the prestige of a Sony console and a Microsoft console just seems so juvenile.

Understanding The PC Gamer

The PC gamer and the console gamer are definitely embedded in their own niches. However, this doesn’t mean a war is ready to erupt between each niche. From what I’ve discovered, gamers are more inclined to stick with what they know and love. For example, I know someone who built their own gaming PC; I would be shocked if he decided to play the Xbox One instead of playing on the PC he dedicated so much of his time on. Also, many gamers are comfortable with specific console and/or PC controls. For example, a keyboard and mouse create much more fluid control, especially while playing an FPS (First-Person-Shooter) game. Modifications and inexpensive games also rule the world in the PC community. This ultimately keeps PC gamers in their niche, because it allows more experiences for the gamer.

A New Marketing Strategy?

Gaming is, without a doubt, becoming a widespread hobby among many people. This is specifically due to gaming consoles. By affiliating with competitors, console companies are creating more publicity and more sales for their products. Before, a consumer would buy the Xbox 360 and snub the PS3. Now, the same consumer wants to buy the Xbox One and the PS4 because media tells them that they are both great products. With more gamers, more consumers will be drawn to different gaming niches – including PC gaming.

Eventually, the ‘PC Master Race’ will become diluted with more diverse gamers.

What do you think about console wars and the PC master race? Is the new ‘friendly’ console culture just a ploy for more sales?

Let me know!

– Jennie Bharaj



RandomMan, B. (2013, November). The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Retrieved May 1, 2014, from Know Your Meme:

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