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Every Game is its own Masterpiece

Video Games CollectionIt has always been easier to go with the norm, to follow trends, and to subjugate yourself with rebellious fads (console wars, anyone?). Marketers know this and take advantage of their subjects.

My social media news feeds are currently being taken over by the Destiny Beta release. I’ve played the Apha release (although, I’d say it was too polished to be called one) and it was wonderful. I have to be honest though: I would not have been so excited if it weren’t for the surrounding hype around the game.

It’s clear that AAA games have the most power in the industry. However, with so many video game giants releasing a game every year, these video games are earning much less credit than before and are quickly forgotten. Destiny, too, is’ destined’ to meet this fate.

In the past, I would play the same games repeatedly because I loved them so much. Now, however, I get the occasional, “Why are you still playing that game?” This isn’t disheartening for me, but it makes me ponder about a greater issue in the gaming industry.

Every game has been worked on excessively. Developers have worked long hours day and night on a game. Publishers and marketers have spent large amounts of work and research to create the best experience for the gamer. Retailers and distributors have also created close relationships with game companies for their products.

It’s easy to forget the beauty of a game when we’re constantly exposed to newer, “better” games to play instead. Before we’re able to digest the essence of a game and fully immerse ourselves with side missions and trophy hunting, we become marketing subjects to the latest big-budget phenomenon for the PS4 or the Xbox One. As a collective consumer norm, we accept the redundancy of annual games and their large marketing ploys.

The work and effort it takes to make a game is amazing and should be valued. Every video game is its own masterpiece. At least, I see it this way.

– Jennie Bharaj

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