Academic Perspectives on Video Games

It’s been an exciting week, and I hope it’s been exciting for you as well!

I was recently featured in a livestream with my good friend, KingofPol. I’ll be streaming on “The Ralph Retort” too. The stream is on October 11, 3PM EST – here’s the link in case you can make it! I’d love to have your support!

This week, while reading some of my books on ludology, I reached an ‘A-ha!’ moment. Most of my research and readings on games are fairly new – ranging around the early 2000s to the present year. Yet, research for films, movies and novels reach far into the past with numerous amounts of research and theories.

Video game research is the ‘baby’ in the world of media academics.

This is why I created my video on academic perspectives on video games. The research is new, so it`s worth our while to guess how these perspectives will change in the future.

Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Cheers, keep on gaming.

Jennie Bharaj


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