Why Being a Gamer Makes You a Good Person

Goodness. It has been quite the week! In case you are unaware, I am part of a large consumer movement in defense of gamer culture and identity. The movement is called ‘GamerGate’ and it has been more than two months since it started.

On Wednesday, I was featured on HuffPostLive to speak out about the movement. I, along with my colleagues Jemma Morgan and Georgina Young, were fueled with a fiery desire to get our word out there. It was a wild ride, and we are overwhelmed with all the positive responses we’ve been getting!

Please do check it out. The video is here.

As a gamer, I know how important it is to be heard. For so long, and I’m sure you can agree, gamers have been dismissed or ignored for their identity – simply because mainstream media portrays gamers as childish or a menace to society.

This brings me to this week’s video. A video I wanted to share ever since GamerGate became a cultural phenomenon.

I’d like to remind you why you are amazing.

Cheers and keep on gaming.

Jennie Bharaj


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