Gamer Soliloquy

Gamer Soliloquy

BasedGamer TV is here!


This week, launches (BasedGamer TV). I’m just overall really excited about this new project. :)

The reason why I created BasedGamer TV is to help gamers gain more loyal followers for their content. As a content creator myself, I know how hard it can be to grow your channels and gain more followers. My hope is that BasedGamer TV encourages more ethical and genuine gaming content among gamers. We need this type of content more than ever before. I’m doing my part to help. From one gamer to another. Let’s make a change in the industry.

I really hope to help others gain exposure with this platform.

Check out the site here, and fill out the form!

Looking forward to this.

Jennie Bharaj

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Gamer Soliloquy



If you take my pulse right now, it’d feel just like a sledgehammer.

I’m listening to Fifth Harmony’s Sledgehammer right now – a mainstream song that I found myself instantly attracted to. The song is upbeat, positive, and fun. You should listen to it.

The more I hear this song, the more I’m reminded of my time at E3 2015, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Last week, my team and I went through the coolest, wildest and most hilarious adventures. E3 2015 was a success. I’m glad I got to experience it as

Earlier this year, on a casual Spring day, I found myself heading to Metrotown for a casual shopping session. BasedGamer was prepped for Phase One and I was nervous. During the ride, I was notified of an email from E3.

[We are] inviting you to attend the world’s largest video game and computer expo, which takes place June 16-18 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

I froze.

We’d love to have you on hand to celebrate more than 20 years of what continues to be a must-attend event for anyone connected to the ever-broadening world of video games and interactive entertainment.

The email continued and my heart fluttered. I called up to confirm. It was legit. I couldn’t believe it. I called my team up and the rest is history.

Badge Image

This was my second time coming to E3. The first time I went was with, a website I contributed to as producer and host of a video series (and a few reviews and editorials here and there). During my first E3 experience, I spent most of my time gaming and meeting people. This time around, however, I found myself really busy – running around in heels, attending events, and wired from caffeine. I’m surprised I survived.

It was a dream though. I was in my environment. E3 was fast-paced, spontaneous, and extremely social. Imagine a wild ride – filled with games, friends, parties and excruciating work hours. I don’t know about you, but I was in my zone. My heartbeat felt like a sledgehammer during the entire trip. It was a great time, a hectic time. At E3, everyone is your friend. Everyone is in it for video games. I’m so excited about going to more gaming expos and conventions.

Check out our BasedGamer E3 Celebration Videos:


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


Jennie Bharaj

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Gamer Soliloquy

Thank You


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Gamer Soliloquy

An Update about

basedgamer-circle-signup (600x600)Dear Friends,

I’d like to thank you all for signing up to We have received a lot of positive feedback to make BasedGamer happen. Thank you so much.

I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that my main objective has always been to build something that all gamers can be proud of. It is important to us that we get your input for the website. Please fill out this survey and let us know your thoughts. The link to the survey is here: I would like to let everyone know that this survey will be solely for BasedGamer’s use and will not be shared with any third parties.

There is less than a week to go for BasedGamer’s Indiegogo campaign and, sadly, it seems that funding has come to a standstill. It is unfortunate that so many individuals have been quick to assume our funding goal was too much. It is also disheartening to know that there have been individuals who have labelled me as a ‘scam artist’ or a ‘puppet’ to someone else’s capitalist goals. This is not true. I found this cruel, especially when I have done so much to stand up for the community. I am now witnessing friends leaving the movement due to the hatred I am receiving. I want to reassure everyone that I am very passionate about ethical practices in the games industry but I do not condone bullying or hating.

At this stage, the team and I have decided to reach out to our close networks, families, and friends to help fund the Indiegogo campaign. If the campaign does not reach its goal, please do not worry. The team and I will continue to bootstrap and work on BasedGamer to make it become a reality. There is still a lot of momentum behind BasedGamer and we are not going to give up.

Please help us spread the word about our campaign in the last final days. The link to our Indiegogo campaign is here:

Continue to support We update our blog frequently with news and images, so make sure you visit our blog to keep up to date with our work:

Thank you for supporting BasedGamer.


Jennie Bharaj

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