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Gamer Soliloquy

A Special Announcement for BasedGamer



BG-wordmark-whtHello everyone,

As most of you know, I have been working on BasedGamer.com (BasedGamer) with my team. It’s been a month now since announcing BasedGamer, and it’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs! I’m thankful for all of it. The extreme put-downs I have faced have been challenging, but it has also given me strength and motivation to succeed. I am even more passionate now to make BasedGamer a reality.

I understand a lot of you have concerns regarding the integrity of the project and I want to ensure you that we have been taking note of the criticism that has been circulating online. I want to take this opportunity to ensure all of you that the team and I will be working hard to create a website that gamers truly deserve. We have done everything that has been requested, from a Reddit AMA to fully creating a document outlining the costs to build BasedGamer. We want to let everyone know that we are being transparent with everything.

The biggest criticism we have noticed is why we are asking for so much money on Indiegogo. I want to be clear that this is an honest amount. We have contacted many industry experts and they agree with our cost breakdown. If I asked for less money on Indiegogo, I know I could have avoided all of the criticism. However, I would not have been able to fulfill my promise of delivering a top-tier website. I personally feel that this would have been wrong for the community.

I would like to point out some things about BasedGamer because I know some people are not aware of them:

  • BasedGamer’s cost allocation is in the ‘Outline & Details’ document. You can view it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw9kyQy9ULdDT1hfWnJSTVhGOHM/view
  • BasedGamer’s Indiegogo video is here: http://youtu.be/2AA9jM4zR0Y
  • Our press kit and logo and graphics can be found in our Press and Media Kit here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bw9kyQy9ULdDaGozVjhPc3J6dGc&usp=drive_web
  • The Indiegogo campaign is fixed, meaning that the money will only be received if it reaches its goal.
  • The team and I will keep pushing forward with BasedGamer regardless of the success or failure of our Indiegogo campaign. We have received so much positive support for our efforts. We don’t want to let our beloved followers down.
  • Our designs, quotes, and other miscellaneous artworks have been created for free by the BasedGamer team.
  • I want to clarify that BasedGamer is going to be a top-tier commercial grade website that all gamers would be proud to call their own. This is very important to me.

I have decided to extend BasedGamer’s Indiegogo campaign to an additional 15 days. The link is here: http://igg.me/at/BasedGamer. It worries me that there is still 30k left to go in this campaign. This is why I am beginning to look to more social networks for help.

I am making sure BasedGamer is a success. Not for me, but for all of us. My vision for BasedGamer has always been to support its community and to give back by providing honesty and strength to my fellow gamers. It is important that all of you know how dedicated my team and I are to building something that we can all be proud of. Combined, we have already endured 1000+ hours of sleepless nights for the development of BasedGamer. We are working very hard. We want your voice heard in the industry. We want to make sure that happens.

I ask those that believe in BasedGamer, for your sincere help right now. If all my Twitter followers donated just $5 to this campaign, it would be over within a day.

By donating, you will be helping BasedGamer stand against the gaming websites that are pro-corruption and anti-consumer. Please look at this project as a huge step forward in a positive direction for gamers. I want to change the industry for the better. I want gamers, like myself, to be respected. If you believe in BasedGamer, I am asking you, with sincerity, to please help out by donating to BasedGamer’s Indiegogo campaign today.

Thank you.

Jennie Bharaj

P.S. I know a lot of people are tight on funds during the holiday season. I understand wholeheartedly. I ask you to please support BasedGamer by signing up and reserving your username on BasedGamer.com and by showing your support on social media. Spreading the word and showing us your interest keeps us motivated and means a lot to us.

P.P.S. To those who have supported us thus far, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us since the start of our Indiegogo campaign. Thank you. You are amazing.


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